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The Center for Alternative Finance and Procurement is available to assist governmental entities at all levels in Texas through training, customized workshops, and providing information concerning P3 best practices. Contact us today to see how we can help you get the answers to the questions you may have or to schedule a workshop for your staff, leadership, or elected officials.

CIP Review for potential of alternative delivery

The Center supports a responsible governmental entity's project screening efforts through evaluation of its short and long-term capital improvement plans (CIP) and applying proven, detailed screening criteria to a specific qualifying project or grouping of qualifying projects. When completed, the screening process culminates in recommendations regarding strategic approaches to candidate projects in the CIP in which alternative finance and delivery could create value for the entity, resulting in accelerated delivery of needed infrastructure.

Project Screening

P3s are structured with long-term, integrated contracts that serve to appropriately allocate risks, among the public and private sector, to the party best suited to effectively manage those risks. In order to make a credible decision as to the best procurement method, CAP is available to conduct or assist in project screening designed to assess the suitability for alternative delivery of a potential project.

High-Level screening

The Center will complete a High-Level screening of an entity's potential qualifying project based on available information and reasonable assumptions (where more specific project info may not be readily available) and provide a preliminary analysis and recommendations for next steps to the entity's capital planning and procurement teams. The Center, if requested, can assist in the preparation of any presentations required for the governing body of the entity or other stakeholders to decide potential next steps.

To initiate a High Level screening analysis for a proposed Qualifying Project or group of Qualifying Projects, the Entity must submit a completed questionnaire

Detailed Level screening

If the Center's High-Level screening indicates the qualifying project is suitable for alternative project delivery, the entity may authorize the Center to proceed to a Detailed-Level screening. During the Detailed-Level screening, the quantitative assumptions will be analyzed in greater detail to help identify the initial modeling scenarios which present various project delivery options for comparison purposes against traditional delivery. The qualitative assumptions, including benchmarking against other projects, also are evaluated in greater detail during this phase to provide more certainty through close coordination and interaction with the entity's staff.

Once the Detailed-Level screening process is completed, the entity will have a clear understanding of the value that alternative delivery and innovative risk mitigation may provide.

The Detailed-Level Screening may require the Center to engage the services of its bench of vetted technical and/or financial consultants. This will be discussed with the entity prior to engaging those experts and performing further analysis.

CAP performs these services on a cost recovery basis. Since every project will require a different level of analysis, a scope of work is first agreed upon with CAP's public entity clients. The cost of each analysis is reflective of the level of complexity of each project.

Procurement Support

The Center is available to assist an entity during the procurement of a qualifying project. Through the use of its many vetted technical and financial consultants, CAP is available to assist an entity implement its infrastructure needs using the public private partnership process.

Public-Private Partnership Guidelines Support

CAP can assist a municipality, county, regional authority, state agency or other governmental entity with the preparation and implementation of its Public-Private Partnership Guidelines as required in Chapter 2267 of the Texas Government Code.

Other Services:

CAP is available to participate in presentations to decision-making bodies or other stakeholders concerning an alternative project delivery and financing methods related to a potentially qualifying project.

CAP serves to facilitate partnerships with external advisors or the private sector for the advancement of the qualifying project.

For more information please contact:

Center for Alternative Finance and Procurement
1700 San Jacinto, Austin, TX, 78711

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